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Carpet Cleaning West Covina

We specialize in providing services to ensure that your home does not stay in a grimy and disheveled state. We are quite competent to provide carpet cleaning, water damage, tile and grout as well, as air duct cleaning services that are not only state of the art, but also amazingly easy to afford. In the West Covina area, you just need to pick up the phone and we will be present in a jiffy to take care of your home or office cleaning needs. It is all so simple, you will soon wonder as to why you were even worried to start with.

Carpet Cleaning West Covina

Most homes or office spaces come fitted with lovely carpets that make the space look so captivating. Many folks buy expensive Persian and Cashmere carpets that occupy pride of place in the living room at home or board room at office. These carpets cost a mini fortune, and it is not surprising that simply trying home cleaning methods would simply not suffice. This is where we can help and help comprehensively.

We at Like New Clean Green Carpet Cleaning West Covina Services employ the latest techniques and superlative chemicals and machines to ensure that your carpets are left in a brand new condition, shining and soft as they ever were.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air conditioning and heating devices are the norms in this day and age. While you may have latest gadgets, if you neglect cleaning air ducts, you are opening yourself and your family to a host of diseases, respiratory and otherwise.  We have a team of well trained air duct cleaning specialists to address the most complex of air duct cleaning problems.

Tile and grout cleaning

If you have designer tiles at home, beware of sources of dirt and grime that could attack and catch you unawares. Tiles and grout cleaning is another area of our specialization for which we have catered to many satisfied customers.

Water Damage

Rainwater or excess snowfall can have extremely dangerous consequences for your lovely home or well maintained office space. Corroded pipes are also another source of worry and you would do well to avail our expert water damage services that make us quite distinguished as plumbing experts.

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